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Virtual launch: Reporting on Forced Labour and Fair Recruitment

Virtual launch event of the ILO Toolkit for Journalists

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Escribir reportajes sobre trabajo forzoso y contratación equitativa

Evento virtual de la OIT

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Human Trafficking in the Middle East

This video is produced by the ILO project "Improving Labour Migration Governance and Combating Human Trafficking in the Middle East" to give more information about the labour migration and human trafficking.

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The ILO General Principles for Fair Recruitment (short version)

To tackle abusive and fraudulent recruitment practices, the ILO has developed general principles and operational guidelines for fair recruitment of migrant labour. These guidelines help inform the work of the ILO, other organisations, national…

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Building bridges: How can Media, Trade Unions and Civil Society work together?

Journalists, NGOs and trade unions help promote and protect migrant workers’ rights.

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Why is reporting fairly on migration so important? ILO

Millions move to Middle East in search for decent work. Media reporting on labour migration plays a critical role in how we view migrant workers.

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Ethical Reporting on Labour Migration: What are Key Issues to Consider?

The “Do No Harm” approach must prevail when reporting on labour migration (ILO)

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Labour migration: Guidance for journalists

In the following series of videos, media professionals, human rights activists and trade unionists, share their views on the most critical aspects of communicating on labour migration.