"White nights" VTV 2016
A report about Vietnamese immigrants in Russia, their attempts and desire to be a part of Russian society, to work and live legally. By Phuong Minh for VTV (Russia/Vietnam) Watch the…  
Stripped of Humanity: A Migrant’s Tale
Bal Krishna Gautam endured two years of humiliation and avoidable illness in Qatar, with no access to a bathroom and spoilt food for lunch.  By Vani Saraswathi for Migrant…  
No Country for Young Men
Senegal's villages deserted for dreams of Europe. By Kieran Guilbert for Thomson Reuters Foundation (Senegal) Read the article  
Right-wing speech hides refugee realities in the US
Away from political debates about refugees, some previously run-down cities are being rejuvenated by their arrival.  2 February 2016 Article and photo by James Reinl published in…  
A Far Cry from Van Gogh
Seasonal agricultural workers in France face more challenges than ever before. A story by Maggy Donaldson published in GuernicaMag Read the article